Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chocolate Martini

I have a wicked sweet tooth. I crave chocolate, and tend to indulge in a square of good-quality dark chocolate at least once a week. Last Friday, we had finished dinner, the baby was sound asleep, my husband was heading out to his buddy's the watch the Yankee game (blasphemy to a sox fan!). There was not a morsel of chocolate to be found in my house, and I was dying for some. What I did have was godiva chocolate liquer, and creme de cocoa, and vodka. Chocolate martini - problem solved!


1 part Godiva Chocolate Liquer

1 part Creme de Cocoa

2 parts vodka

splash of milk


Combine all ingredients in a chilled shaker. Shake, shake, shake (shake, shake, shake... ).

Pour into a chilled martini glass. I like to set my glass in the freezer for 5 minutes before I pour my drink, or if I forget, I'll fill my glass with ice and a bit of cold water to chill first.

Top with shaved chocolate if you are feeling festive - or get right to drinking if you just can't wait!!

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