Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FFWD: Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux

So I've never roasted a chicken. I'm not a huge meat eater. I'll have a small portions here and there, but I tend to gravitate toward side dishes to fill my plate at dinner time. And dessert.

A major reason I've never cooked a whole chicken, turkey, or any other bird for that matter, is the business of removing the innards.


I've heard that sometimes they come in a bag, all neat and tidy. This was reassuring.
Unfortunately this was not the case with my little organic bird. I pulled three or four chunks of god knows what out of the inside of that sucker and I'm telling you, it was pretty gross. Good thing I had gloves. Oh, and the liver?? You know, the liver to spread on that crispy piece of heaven in the bottom of the pot? Not sure which part was the liver, but I tossed it pretty quickly and ate my crispy bread plain, that was good enough for me!

The chicken was killer, though. I threw together a stock with the carcass in the crockpot with the intention of making a chicken noodle soup when I came home the next night. No such luck, my husband polished off ALL of the chicken!!! In his defense, it was his dinner the night before, and lunch that day... So, the stock went into the freezer, instead. I'll just have to roast another chicken, and it was so easy, so why not!?

To check out the group, head over to French Fridays With Dorie. And to buy the book (which you should!) head over to amazon. Do it!!


  1. Beautiful! And not bad for a first try at roasting a chicken...if looks tasty!

  2. Cute post! Good for hubby enjoying every last morsel of it!

  3. WOw your first roast chicken!! It looks amazing !! I think I must be a laZy cook..cus I bake a ton of RC!!! I loved this recipe too, it's so easy and sooo good!! I made the PG this time and it's a winner too..COme see it!

  4. Looks great...too funny about trying to identify the innards!